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What if you could benefit from the expertise of other product managers and find new ways of excelling with your product management? The product manager track at the Boye 18 conference facilitated the sharing of insights between product managers on topics such as innovation, public road mapping, customer journey, and collaboration. With presentations aimed at discussions, the challenging of routines and developing new ideas and methods together.

The conversation continues in 2019 in our Product Manager peer groups, but you can still find the track program below

Hosted by Otto de Graaf (NL)
The Leadership Game

Monday, Nov 5

8.30 – 9.30

Breakfast & Registration

The conversation starts at breakfast. Have one or several cups of coffee and get a great start to the rest of the day.

9.30 – 9.45

Welcome and kick-off with Otto de Graaf


 9.45 – 10.45

Agile beyond Sprints? - Ideas on efficient Roadmapping

As Product Managers we tend to preach agile principles to our development teams, but rarely do we force ourselves to review the essential decisions we make within our organisations. In this session, we explore the creation of Roadmaps and Product Vision and ask ourselves - do we practice what we preach? 


11.00 – 12.10

Add Value - a game on service design

University College Nordjylland has developed this highly relevant board game which takes us through customer journeys, touchpoints and service design.

Cecilie Kalhøj Kobbelgaard (DK)


12.10 – 12.30

Back to basics- a short PM practice

Imagine finding yourself in a whole new endeavour - joining a small company as a new product manager. Things are not peachy, but there is potential (otherwise you never would have joined them in the first place). The challenge is what to do with limited budget to make the biggest effect?

Hopefully this short session will have us thinking about how we can maximise our impact as product managers. No matter the size of our company.

12.30 – 13.30



13.30 – 14.30

There's a scratch at your software!

Every day, Software Product Managers work hard to deliver great and successful products. But such success is only measured at the time when someone buys the product, or when someone acquires the whole company. 

It’s at that very moment where intellectual property plays its legal role, and can severely impact the value of success. 

I will discuss a number of my personal experiences, and will share my lessons learned. 

14.30 – 14.45

Coffee, tea & networking


14.45 – 15.45

Scaling ≠ Expansion

Growing companies need to scale from time-to-time. While it’s convenient to package it into a one-track tactic like hiring or refactoring, true scaling demands a multi-faceted strategy that meets current needs,leaves room for the future, and is responsive to the complexity of real lives and real people. When Babbel moved to double the size of its Product Management team, a number of critical insights came into view, offering practical tools and tactics to avoid breaking things along the way. Chief among these: What makes people human matters, and it’s essential to scaling for value.

15.45 – 16.00

Wrap-up & key learnings


18.30 - 22.00

Social event at Drudenfuss

18.00-20.00: Jetlag reception
19.30-22.00: Janus’ 15 years anniverssary

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