2 Day Design Sprint Workshop

Are Design Sprints the Next Silver Bullet?

November 5 - 6th 2018

Who Should Attend

This class is designed for corporate or commercial digital leaders, developers and analysts that are, or plan to be, involved in Web and Mobile projects. Anyone working on agile projects and concerned about delivering high value digital solutions, including individuals that will gather user requirements or end-users themselves, will also benefit from attending.

  • Project Managers who are responsible for delivering value with digital tools and software.

  • Project Leaders who need to know proven steps for quickly identifying key solutions to solve critical business issues.

  • UX Designers who need to know how and what deliverables to create to support fast moving design sprints.

  • Product Managers who need to deliver products that succeed in the market

  • Software Developers who want to learn how to effectively work with user experience teams on agile projects and design sprints.

  • Interaction Designers who are responsible for managing and implementing successful designs

  • Business Analysts responsible for documenting requirements and designing optimal user experiences

What You Will Learn

This two day class for managers, developers, end-users, interaction designers, and analysts explains how to apply put design sprints into action to deliver business solutions in weeks vs. months.
Attendees will learn how to:

  • Choose a problem suited for a design sprint Master how to conduct a design sprint How to plan for and setup a design sprint

  • Get the right people involved How to build user journeys

  • Apply structured decision making

  • Align key stakeholders on a common goal

  • Create fast, simple prototypes

  • Evaluate and measure design spring success

Learn more in this article

Day 1 Monday, November 5th 2018


Day 2 Tuesday, November 6th 2018