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Nov 5 - 8
Aarhus, Denmark


Some of the Boye 18 conference highlights


Keynote by Rachel Happe:
The language of engagement - crafting a culture of trust, collaboration and innovation.

“Instead of telling people what to do, we are creating a new environment where people will gradually adopt new behaviors without even realizing it … really, the entire history of society has proven that this is a much better way of perpetuating change. “

Take five minutes to read our blog interview with Rachel Happe.


Keynote by Allen Gannett:
The Creative Curve - How to Develop the Right Idea, at the Right Time:

“One of the things that people make a mistake of when it comes to creativity is they over focus on the novelty part. Scientists have found that creatives find the most success when they create ideas that are a blend of the familiar and the novel. Those are the ideas that we tend to be most attracted to.”

Read about Allen Gannet’s approach to creativity in Forbes.

Sharon orange.gif

300 seconds by Sharon O’Dea: a voice to those quiet professionals:

“By opening up speaking opportunities to the full diversity of experiences and opinions in our industry, we can give audiences opportunities to learn more about the personal and professional passions of our peers.“

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The Boye Conference held yearly in Aarhus Denmark covers themes such as content strategy, customer experience design, digital leadership, intranet and digital workplace, marketing transformation, and social business. The Boye conference focuses on the customer perspective and usually provides lots of case-stories to be inspired from
— Colan Mehaffey, Head of Web Strategy & Technologies, University of Edinburgh